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Handcrafted web design means

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Who We Are

The Sophia Web Design Team, part of The Sophia Group,  is passionate about our goal to bring artistry and excellence to all our designs. We call our websites handcrafted because they are. We begin each project by gathering materials –  your ideas, your story, and your audience, then we uniquely craft a site that will broadcast your  image in the clearest, most powerful language. Our web designs are clean and portray distinct images that will reach the hearts (and pocketbooks) of your clientele.

No Worries!

We guide you through every step!

Our Clientele

We love what we do and our clientele can sense this immediately. We have worked with clientele ranging from stay at home moms to corporations with a global presence. Looking for just a simple website? We have you covered! Want to add search engine optimization and a shopping cart? We have you covered! No matter your need, your lasting impression of Sophia Web Design will be that we care – because we do!

Our Philosophy

We believe our connection with you matters. Transparency in all our business dealings is a high priority so you are never caught unaware with hidden fees or empty promises. Web Design is our passion, but more importantly, people are our passion and building artfully crafted websites is just another way we connect people one to another. We carry this idea of connection throughout our company by never outsourcing your work. Sophia Web Design creates quality and affordable artfully designed websites that are 100% customized and crafted by our own team right here in South Florida.

A Record of Success

We cherish our record of success and our reputation. We believe our success is a result of our passion for our clients’ success our our strict adherence to a “less is more” design approach.  We are dedicated to capturing your visions and and bringing them to life in the form of clean, powerful websites.

We Give Back

  • 10% of all profits are donated to a scholarship fund devoted to university students in financial need.
  • We provide paid days of leave so our employees can volunteer for a non-profit in our community.

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